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Investra Capital Group Ltd ("Investra") registered in the Cayman Islands, was formed by Dubai based,  Mobeen Jassat and Zaid Randeree to facilitate their families real estate investment strategies into select commercial real estate markets. Investra’s initial focus was on warehousing and logistic assets in the UK post the 2008 crisis, and led to formation of a dedicated asset management platform in London. The platform allowed Investra to sponsor further transactions in other sectors in the real estate spectrum including Long leased SuperMarkets, DIY centres, leased care homes and operational student accommodation. Investra have predominantly worked with Institutions and  Family Offices who share the same vision to maintain control of the business plan with the assistance of a local dedicated team. This key focus resulted in Investra successfully expanding investments strategies into the USA select services hospitality markets and the setup of an asset management team in Atlanta to support this initiative


The overall objective to work closely with in-house asset management teams positioned in the target markets, coupled with clear business strategies supported by all stakeholders has allowed Investra to expand its overall portfolio and exposure successfully over the past 10 years. 



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Zaid has a 25 year career in the commercial real estate investment market, covering sectors like Hospitality, Offices, Warehouses and Retail. His introduction to the real estate investment landscape was through a wider family office platform before branching out to form Investra in 2011.


Zaid holds a Commerce degree  from the University of Natal and holds a MBA from Wits Business School, South Africa. He has also attended Harvard Business School for executive training



Mobeen has a 20 year career in real estate developments and portfolio acquisitions spanning six countries. He has represented his family in pursuing new opportunities across all real estate asset classes.


He has led Investra's initiatives into the U.S. select-service hospitality sector and works closely with the team in the .U.K on the student accommodation sector.


He has attended Harvard Business School for executive training.

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